About Me

I am Lynn McKee, owner and principal consultant at Quality Perspectives. My passion is helping organizations, teams and individuals deliver valuable software. I am an advocate of the quality software management practices espoused by Jerry Weinberg and I provide consulting on quality software management, leadership and testing. With 19 years experience working with small to enterprise scale companies, I am adept at providing effective, adaptive and scalable approaches that align with the organization's quality needs.

Experience Summary

Independent consultant with 19 years experience in the software industry and a passion for helping organizations, teams and individuals deliver valuable software.

  • Advocate of the quality software management practices espoused by Jerry Weinberg and the Context Driven School of Testing
  • Extensive experience working with small to enterprise scale companies designing and implementing high value, lightweight and adaptive programs.
  • Proven ability to establish the vision for quality programs and define pragmatic implementation strategies.
  • Skilled in performing quality program assessments, including providing recommendations and change management strategies.
  • Proven ability to establish and lead high performing, 50+ member teams within agile and waterfall methodologies.
  • Extensive knowledge of the SDLC with leadership experience across the competencies.
  • Active within the industry including presenting at conferences, facilitating workshops, contributing to online forums and writing articles.
  • Hold certifications including Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, Scrum Master, Project Management, Managing People, Software Quality Assurance, and Software Testing.
  • Diverse sector experience including Telecom, Airline, Travel, Utilities and Oil & Gas.
  • Co-founder of the Calgary Perspectives on Software Testing Workshop, POST.

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Industry Involvement

I am active within the software testing industry including speaking at conferences, writing articles, participating in online forums and as a member of several associations.

Calgary Perspectives on Software Testing Workshop, POST

In 2009 I co-founded the Calgary Perspectives on Software Testing Workshop, POST, with Nancy Kelln. POST is an annual invitational peer conference for software test practitioners. The conference is held over a weekend and is focused on a single topic central to the practice of Software Testing.

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Software Quality Discussion Group, SQDG

From August 2010 through August 2013 I was on the Board of Directors for the Calgary Software Quality Discussion Group, SQDG. The SQDG is a community of software professionals dedicated to the exploration of all aspects of software quality. The SQDG provides software professionals with a means of sharing their experiences through a monthly discussion forum with guest speakers from industry and academia.

Read More on the SQDG website

Association for Software Testing, AST

From August 2010 through August 2012 I was on the the Board of Directors of the Association for Software Testing, AST. The AST is a professional non-profit association that is dedicated is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the science and practice of software testing according to context-driven principles. The AST is also dedicated to improving the practice of software testing by furthering the education (knowledge, skills, and testing-relevant self-awareness) of software testers through their offering of the BBST series of courses. AST also hosts the annual CAST Conference.

Read More on the AST website

Weekend Testing Americas

In 2010 I co-founded the Americas chapter of Weekend Testing with Michael Larsen and Joe Harter. Weekend Testing is an international organization with a vision to improve the craft of software testing through collaborative learning. The group provides a platform for software testers to collaborate, test various kinds of software, foster hope, gain peer recognition, and to be of value to the community.

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"Lynn is one of those rare leaders who is not only a fantastic leader of people, but also a leader in her chosen field. She has a passion and an energy for her people and for Testing, and this shows in her work. She is an advocate for the craft of Software Testing and the Testing/QA industry is better with her in it. On a more personal note, I've learned a great deal from Lynn in the time I've worked with her and I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future. She knows exactly when and how to motivate people and create the space for them to grow and be successful. I would not be the leader that I am today without her guidance and mentorship, and I thank her for that."
Jason Kowaluk, Test Manager

"Having the opportunity to work with and learn from Lynn has been such a wonderful experience. It is very rare that you find someone that you cannot wait to learn more from. When Lynn teaches the entire room is captured. Lynn's knowledge and drive toward Context Driven Testing allowed my team to test in a new way. I feel that this has fundamentally changed who we are and has made us better advocates for our stakeholders. It was inspiring to learn from her and I look forward to any opportunity to work with Lynn in the future."
Tanya Wapple, Business Transformation Manager

"Lynn is one of the best among all managers I have ever worked with. She is very proactive and energetic person, has the ability to make good, sometimes bold decisions. Her proficiency and intelligence makes Lynn to view solutions instead of problems. She is an advocate of Context Based Testing and Testing Vs Quality Assurance. She brought up a better testing culture to the organization. She has a very positive attitude towards work. It's an authentic pleasure working with her as she is an open minded strategist."
Kapila Dissanayake, Test Analyst

"Be the change that you want to see in the world - that's Lynn. She can easily convince people to change the way you think or the approach of testing for the betterment. She is the kind of person who enlightens people by her thoughts and methods in the Testing world. Her amazing energy, positive attitude, motivational talks, convincing skills and her ways of conveying ideas through games and fun would be an asset to any company she works for. I hope she continues to impart her innovative and best in class software testing methodologies to many more companies in the Testing industry."
Catherine Appavoo, Test Analyst

"Leaders like Lynn McKee do not come along very often, Lynn is a true visionary within the field of software testing and an inspirational speaker on the subject of Context driven and Agile related testing, both essential within today`s software development and project delivery arena. I feel privileged to have worked with and be coached by Lynn while at Shaw Communications. Lynn is adept at encouraging and growing her team members into additional roles and responsibilities via trust and empowerment, all for the good of the individual and the project. I would recommend Lynn to anyone that wants and needs their Software tested quicker and better than ever before."
Martin Hore, Test Consultant

"I have been impressed over the last several years with both the amount and quality of the effort that Lynn has put into the the local testing / quality assurance community, and indeed the profession. Software Testing Workshops such as POST require a lot more effort than anyone ever expects. The benefit they bring to the testing community, our clients and our employers spreads farther than most people realize. I am glad to have this continuing opportunity to work with Lynn."
Sherry Heinze, Test Consultant

"Lynn worked with us on the implementation of the Compensation Module of SuccessFactors. I would highly recommend Lynn as she brought deep expertise in the area of our testing strategy with a focus on delivering a quality solution. Lynn brings a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm in addition to a keen ability to relate to business requirements and systems solutions. I would highly recommend Lynn, and would partner with her again in the future."

Erik Kaack, Business Lead

"I was fortunate to work along side Lynn while at the AESO. In her capacity as QA Competency Lead, I was one of the project managers that was able to tap the resources and strategies that she brought to the table. I can honestly say that there was an obvious and observable difference that her competency group made on projects. I can also say that you rarely meet leaders that are so passionate about what they do and the teams they support. Lynn fought for and earned respect throughout the organization, and has a loyal following of QA resources that are better for her support and leadership."
Ben Tsui, Project Delivery Manager and Methods Coach

"It truly was a pleasure working with Lynn, and she made me feel welcome by the QA team from the beginning, and I really appreciated her positive attitude and friendly smile. Lynn was a valuable supervisor to our team. She helped us with so many hands-on skills and technical details! Lynn was continuously improving her technical knowledge to keep up with industry trends and introduce the best practices to the team and the company. Lynn cared about her team members very much. She passed along information and gave suggestions on our professional development, and she also made time on a regular basis to listen to our needs and concerns. She has truly been the wind beneath our wings. I hope that one day our paths will cross again."
Lisa Liao, Tester

"Lynn is THE BEST QA manager I have come across in my career as an QA Analyst. At WestJet, she firmed up the QA practices, integrating QA with the development team. She established the vision and mission for the QA team. She expanded the team by hiring a mix of junior and senior QA resourses. All along, she has been a great mentor to the QA team. She is very passionate about QA and she successfully created high visibility for QA in the organization. Her energy and enthusiam is highly commendable. She is an asset to any organization she works at."
Daya Narendran, Sr. Quality Assurance Analyst

"Having worked with Lynn at both WestJet and AESO, I can vouch for both her knowledge of QA best practices as well as her unbridled enthusiasm. Lynn was instrumental in setting up the QA Centre of Competency at the AESO which resulted in higher quality products being released to production. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Lynn again anytime."
Bruce Comstock, Project Manager

"Lynn has excellent leadership skills and is a very good communicator, while at AT&T, she effectively led a group of 30+ test analysts on a large scale implementation project. While leading the team, she also made sure the team was educated on the latest and best quality assurance practices via seminars and coaching. She delegates responsibility fairly and genuinely cares about each team members professional development. She would be a valuable asset to any organization."
Harrison Cheng, Quality Assurance Analyst

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